About Brazil Body Now

Brazil Body Now

Brazil Body Now is a revolutionary nutrition and fitness program designed specifically for women.

The techniques and principles are the same used to fine-tune the bodies of the world’s sexiest dancers… and have been used for decades as the go-to system for getting the Samba dancers of Brazil their flawless figures.

The transformations gained through Brazil Body Now are fast, safe… and FUN. And there’s no one more qualified to bring you this astounding program than Katia Luna – 9X Samba Champion and 52X Latin Dance Champion.

Katia’s combined all the specialized techniques and insider secrets she’s learned from her 25+ years in the industry… creating a ground-breaking system to quickly melt away fat while sculpting your entire body!
She’s broken down every fat blasting, figure toning move and each delicious, metabolism boosting meal into simple step-by-step instructions – SO YOU SIMPLY CAN’T FAIL!


You’ll develop a taunt waistline, flat tummy and a tight, lifted behind in record time… getting you head turning results in half the time of “traditional” workouts!

Stop Doing Endless Cardio & Counting Calories
Start Having Fun & Living Your Life!
Katia Luna

With Brazil Body Now, you get a nutrition and exercise plan spelled out in “nothing-to-chance” detail – a blue print on reaching your weight loss and fitness goals at lightning speed.

Katia leaves no stone unturned… taking time to show you how to execute each precision fitness move for optimal results. Members also receive UNLIMITED SUPPORT from Katia and her elite group of expert instructors - Ensuring you have a streamlined journey to the sexy, new you.

Brazil Body Now was born out of Katia’s desire to share her unique knowledge as a professional dancer, her years of training experience, and her Brazilian philosophy of enjoying life to fullest with women all over the world. And to give all women the body, confidence and life they deserve!

Our Mission Is To Help Women Lose Excess Weight
And Become Healthy, Sexy & Empowered!

Our mission here at Brazil Body Now is simple: To provide a clear and sure path for women to transform their bodies, improve their health and feel sexy and empowered!

Whether you single or married, a stay at home mom or career woman – The Brazil Body Now Community’s goal is to help all women get the body they’ve dreamed of by exercising smarter - NOT harder. By eating delicious and healthy meals – NOT by starving or depriving yourself.

As you move forward towards your new body, please remember to drop us a line and let us know how you’re progressing. We not only enjoy hearing your feedback, but we constantly evaluate what YOU have to say… so we can provide the best women-centric fitness program available. Thank you for getting to know us.


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